Our Wedding Packages...

Our Package Prices...

Wedding Package


Marriage License (suitable for framing),

Ceremony, Filing, Planning Session,

Copy of Vows (suitable for framing),

Rehearsal Directions/Information. 

*I as a rule DO NOT attend the rehearsal.  Usually I'm unavailable because I'm officiating ANOTHER wedding.  See "Welcome to the Pgh Blessed Events Process" for full explanation.

*NOTE:  I am a Wedding Officiant NOT  a Wedding Coordinator.  It is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT VOCATION & there is a HUGE difference. 




We   LOVE   Elopements!!

We  Offer  2 Options!

Pgh Blessed Events ELOPEMENTS

Someone must have seen me driving to a wedding! LOL

Our Travel Fees...

The amount of driving 
Is getting out of hand; 
literally HOURS, weekly.  
ALL couple meetings 
will now be at 
At Home In Blessings Chapel 

cost per mile

How To Calculate YOUR Travel Fee:

Google Maps. 

Enter   [540 Coal Valley Road, Jefferson Hills 15025]

Enter   [YOUR Venue Address]

It will give you the amount of "miles." 

ROUND UP   example:  (11.3 miles=12miles) 

Then multiply by 3. 

THAT Is Your Travel Fee.

It's  $1.50 A Mile

I Do Have To Travel Home

That amount covers: my time, gas, wear & tear.

EXCEPTION: Downtown Pgh  $75

If you are receiving a "FREE" ceremony; the ceremony is free but you are still billed for a travel fee if one is quoted.


honk for jesus

SMILE!!!  Not everything should be so serious!  HAVE FUN!! 

This is a great time--enjoy it!!

About Our Prices...

I am an ordained minister providing a memorable ceremony or service at a cost effective price; therefore, a modest gratuity is greatly appreciated if you are happy with my services.

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We would appreciate a positive referral if you're pleased. 

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We would also like permission to use a few photos of your Blessed Event.  Smiles are GREAT advertisement!

About Rehearsals...


I Don't Attend Rehearsals.

I USUALLY have weddings Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  I CAN'T be 2 places at once.  I provide


kc I got your back



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I give you now~this & every moment of my existence, as your loving partner. In doing so I am offering you the most precious of all my possessions, my heart. I give it knowing that it will never be taken for granted, and strong in the knowledge that this gift is safe in your care...

~ Unknown


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