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Weddings, Baptisms & Christenings!

Not affiliated with a brick & mortar church?

Spiritual, but not necessarily religious?

In a Non-Traditional relationship?

Not religious at all but just want to have a professional, meaningful, memorable event?

We understand completely...

Maybe you just don't want to be married by a stranger...

I promise, you & your guests will feel like we've know each other forever...


Strangers are just friends yet to meet!

Hi Guys!!! I'm Reverend V~ Welcome to my office! This is where it ALL begins...

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I am a "REAL" ordained minister.  I have a Masters & Doctorate in Theology (Divinity).  I have a fellowship in 4 Christian orders but most identify with American Christian Ministry.

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 From life experience (Daughter, Wife, Mother)  I definitely "get" the whole Wedding & Christening stress; timing and "UGH" of it all.  It's a "been there, done that" type of thing... Juggling Money, Family, Kids, Timelines...Can't forget--  The dreaded "In-Law's"...Yikes!     (Just kidding about the "in-law's", or am I...?)  LOL! 


 Funny thing, I found myself retired & BORED OUT OF MY MIND! Talking to a friend of one of my kids; I heard a story of $400 for the minister & $400 for the church!  YIKES!!

I do this because I can.  I can help EVERYONE out there that have been "scorched" by the ridiculously insane, inflated prices charged by people in the "wedding" industry.  ESPECIALLY the so called "ordained" ministers that paid $35 on-line to get a certificate printed in someones basement that says "ordained" then want to charge YOU $100+ to read vows that were included with their $35.  Yeah, about that too...there ARE copy right infringement laws! 

smiley purple crazy1UGH!!  Makes me CRAZY!!

book smack1Guess I'm the stupid one, I actually went to school for 7 years!

oops1Sorry.  I am passionate about what I do...

coffee1Okay, I'm better now...LOL!

 I write each ceremony & service myself

It's NOT scripted from a book, dictated by religious ordinance or down loaded from the internet and I NEVER use the same vows or ceremony twice!  You will smile.  You will laugh.  There may even be a happy tear or two... 
Your ceremony or service WILL be as unique as you are; whether a Wedding, Baptism or Christening.  Your Blessed Event will reflect you; as a couple, you as a parent(s) or as a family.
In EVERY Bless Event I preside over, I like to include personal details so that EVERYONE feels included as part of the festivities!  There's a BIG difference between viewing an event & being part of it...  One of the greatest joys is looking out over an audience and seeing people turning to one another saying..."yep, that's right~that's JUST like them..."
Haven't we all been invited to these events?
There's two results... 
Either people walk away saying..."that was 'nice,' but glad it's over..."
Or...  They walk out smiling...  "that was beautiful!  It touched my heart...  The minister must REALLY know them, it was SO personal, I really enjoyed that..." 
The ceremony sets the tone for the celebration.  If people walk out with "happy hearts" the party's only getting started!
I hope you will choose Pgh Blessed Events.  I will do my absolute best to make your dreams come true.

All God's Blessings to You & Yours,

Reverend V

OFFICE HOURS 9AM to 7PM Monday, Thursday & Friday!

EVEN Saturday & Sunday when there isn't a wedding booked; which is starting to be few & far between!!

**So very sorry but...I am usually UNAVAILABLE; All Day Tuesday & Wednesday.  Even the Lord needed a day of rest!  LOL

I do still check my emails & return phone calls in a timely manner.  Please, LEAVE A MESSAGE.  If you don't leave it, I can't retrieve it.  Also, please be patient, I am a working Reverend.  I could be out doing a Blessing, Last Rites or counseling...I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Thank you.


Meet "The Boss"  Snort...

When I say "The Boss" is barking orders at me I REALLY mean it!  Snort is a SLAVE driver!  I'm out of the office too long & he barks until I get back to work! 

Who's training who?  ROFL!


Planning Your Blessed Event; What to expect...

1st:  You contact me.  Email or phone.

I PREFER you NOT text me. 

I have so many Brides & Grooms, many with the same 1st names.  The only way I can keep track is if I can print out your email & put it into your "wedding folder." Plus, cut the "old lady" a break...my brain can only hold so much! LOL  

2nd: We'll chat on the phone

(USUALLY takes about 10-15 minutes unless we get to jawin'...LOL)

I will be asking you general questions about your "Blessed Event."  Just so you're not caught COMPLETELY off guard; here is some of the info I will need to get the "ball rolling":

  • Your FULL name, Your Fiance`s FULL Name                                                 (Including MIDDLE names, NO initials--it's for legal purposes)

  • Contact Info: Email, Phone, Address

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  • If you could;   PLEASE Email me a pic of the 2 of you so I may post it on the "Soon-To-Be" page.  It also allows me to put a face to the voice.  Then I put your picture up on my bulletin board for inspiration!
  • Date & TIME of Ceremony
  • Location of ceremony & do you want a rehearsal
  • Ceremony: (1st Type)Religious, Spiritual, Secular / (2nd Feel/Flow/Structure)Casual, Formal, Relaxed     (Okay, let's see if I can explain this well...  Weddings fall under MANY different categories.  1st-Structure of Ceremony...  2nd-Feel & Flow...  "Formal" denotes gowns, etc.  "Formal" also addresses the "flow" of a ceremony & the "Feel" of the ceremony...BUT...You can have a "Formal" Ceremony that is "Casual.")  Crazy ain't it?  It also determines how I dress: color of stole, cassock, robe, collar...
  • How long do you want the ceremony to last?
  • What is the color scheme of the Wedding?
  • Do you want me to write the vows? Are you writing the vows? A little of both?
  • Will someone be giving the Bride away?
  • Exchanging rings?
  • Any Special inclusions to the ceremony?
  • Any Special accommodations or needs that met or addressed?
  • If you're here, then I'm guessing you've poked around a little on the site.  At this time, it helps to know if you want a "Deluxe" or "Short & Sweet" or somewhere in between.  Hit Here To Check out The "Weddings" Page--->   Weddings

You get the gist...  This will let me get to know you a little & visa versa.  PLEASE, if you have any questions for me; DON'T BE SHY, just ask!  If we're comfortable with each other then...

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3th: I MUST have a $25 DEPOSIT to get to book YOUR "Blessed Event" Date.   

The BALANCE DUE 1 WEEK  PRIOR to the Blessed Event Date.  

I'm not allergic to money (LOL) so, if y'all want to send the total amount I'm good with that too.

down pmt mail box1

Make Checks Payable To:    

Pgh Blessed Events

Send Payments To:    

Pgh Blessed Events

P.O. Box 726

Jefferson Hills, PA 15025

Once the check clears, I will send you an invoice & receipt for the money paid/owed. 



5th:  I will send you a 2 questionnaires if we're comfortable with each other.  It asks details about you; your relationship (if getting married), your family (if Baptism/Christening.)  Nothing too personal; given names, important people in your life, a funny moment.


6th:    About a week or so prior to the wedding I will meet with BOTH of you in "Blessings Chapel."  It's TOTALLY painless & only lasts an hour or so.  Why?  I can write anything in the world but I can't "capture" the spirit of your relationship unless I actually meet you.  At that time...  We sign the contract & talk about what you'd like for YOUR perfect ceremony.  That's about it until "CRUNCH TIME."

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FYI...You might want to get a note pad & write down ANY questions, concerns or things you want to discuss with me & bring it with you to the meeting.  Often at the meetings we get to talkin' (Jawin'...LOL) and we forget everything but feelin' like old friends.

We WILL definitely keep in touch either by phone or email.  Lots of things can change.  YOU  have to keep me apprised of any changes.  I can't say that enough. Contrary to my kid's & husband's beliefs; I can't read minds.   I don't "know" everything but (sh-hh) I do have eyes in the back of my head...LOL

7th:   Either prior to the rehearsal (wedding) or Baptism/Christening we will tie up all the lose ends and EVERYTHING will run smoothly, I promise.  You have PLENTY of things to worry about, not this.  Don't give it a second thought, I GOT THIS!

That's it!  Not TOO painful.  It's ALL good...

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Your Blessed Event...


The BIG day is finally here!

Relax, take a deep breath...  I got this!

I will arrive at the venue.  During weddings, I will be wearing a cassock, (black or usually white for weddings.)  If you would prefer less formal attire, that can be addressed & adjusted.  The same goes for Baptisms/Christenings, it's whatever you're comfortable with. YOU'RE the ones that matter.

I will check on both the Bride & the Groom; Calm any cold feet, loose nerves or offer to drag cousin Earl out to the parking lot!  (You know we all have one...where the whispers say- "he's the one I told you about...")  ROFL! 

I'm there for you.  Whatever you need that I can possibly do.

The Blessed Event will go off with out a hitch...  The "legal" papers will be signed.  You and your family, friends & loved ones are off to celebrate!

party smiley1

That's it!!  Easy, peasy. 

The rest is up to me.  I'll file things if something needs filed; cross the T's, dot the I's.

After everything has settled down & life returns to "normal," it would be appreciated if you would write a kind word or two about my services...a kind word goes a long way!

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Our Mission Statement...

We seek to provide Christian, Non-Denominational services with a personal touch. We believe that our spiritual being is not designated by doctrine, defined by a building or reliant on an association. It is bestowed by the Grace of God. We are based in simple Christian values of kindness, love & compassion. We do reserve the right to choose which ceremonies and to whom we provide those ceremonies to; Pgh Blessed Events & Reverend V are non-discriminatory. Love is a precious gift... It knows no color, religion, gender, or hate. Any and ALL love is a Blessing and should be treated as such! We ARE Interracially, LGBT, & Interfaith Friendly...I am more than happy to perform any ceremony between loving, consenting adults. Thank You... God Bless.

Why Butterflies...?

An American Indian Legend

If anyone desires a wish to come true they must first
capture a butterfly and whisper that wish to it.

As  a butterfly can make no sound, the butterfly can not reveal
the wish to anyone but the Great Spirit who hears and sees all.

In gratitude for giving the beautiful butterfly freedom,
the Great Spirit will always grant the wish.

So, according to legend, by making a wish and giving the butterfly its freedom,
the wish will be taken to the heavens to be granted.

The following line is often added when the Legend is read prior to releasing butterflies at a wedding:

"We have gathered to grant this couple all our best wishes and are about to set these butterflies free in trust that all these wishes will be granted."

So...it is our hope, our prayer...that "Our Butterflies" help carry your wishes to the Great Spirit so they too may be turned into Blessings...Your "Blessed Event."

How would you like to be remembered...? If I gave an unsolicited hug or warm embrace when it was needed...if I made someone laugh or brought a smile to their face...then perhaps, I will be remembered kindly... What more can a human being ask for?

~ Reverend V


Give Me A Call: (412) 352-3345, If I DON'T Pick up-PLEASE Leave Me A Message

Shoot Me An EMAIL: ReverendV@PghBlessedEvents.com