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A Pgh Blessed Events Baptism & Christenings...


Christenings & Baptisms

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Included In Ceremony

Official Church Seals

Official Baptismal Certificate

Holy Water


Anointing Oil 


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Baptismal Candle



Baptismal Certificate

Keepsake Certificate

Up To 10 Ceremony Bulletins


1 Keepsake Bulletin

I Am Retired
I No Longer Have A
"Brick & Mortar"
"Blessings Chapel"
Is Available With
Adequate Notice
For Ceremonies With
LESS THAN 10 Attendees

"Blessings Chapel" 
Is In 
The Basement Of My Home 
Which Was 
Previously Our Game Room  
It Is Now Used Primarily For:
Elopements During Inclement Weather 
Entrance Via Garage
{Decorated Appropriately} 

Thank You

For Considering

Pgh Blessed Events


Reverend V



"Blessed Event!"







What is baptism?
Derived from the word “baptismos” which translates in to washing, baptism is a Christian ritual which involves the performance of ablution on an individual accepting the faith and is conducted in honor of the newcomers, thus welcoming them in to the religion. The origin of the word becomes important in defining the procedure that usually follows a baptism as the use of water in this ritual is very significant for the rite. Earliest Christians were baptized by pouring water over the upper body of the naked candidate while he stands submersed, knee high in water. Today, baptism is usually performed by pouring of water three times over the head of an individual. Baptism as seen by Christians, is a necessary tool for salvation while some Christians such as the Quakers and the Salvation Army consider baptism to be unnecessary.

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What is christening?
The word christening, also known as infant baptism in certain traditions, refers to the ritual where a child or an infant is introduced or brought to Jesus Christ as he or she is introduced to the faith by way of a bathing ritual. Usually, a christening ritual is performed by bathing the child’s head is three times while he is being held over the baptismal font of a church.


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Adult Baptism...

Adult baptism is a public declaration of a private decision, whereas infant baptism is the parents’ way of dedicating their child to the Lord. Even though some denominations practice infant baptism, it doesn’t reflect the baby’s decision to accept the Lord as his or her Savior. Most adults who were baptized as babies and become born again elect to be baptized again, usually by immersion. It is a dramatic way to symbolize the old person dying and the new one being born.

That said, it’s not at all clear that baptism is necessary to achieve salvation. It is simply a way to make a public declaration that one has accepted the Lord’s death as payment for his or her sins.

If you are handicapped, bedridden or home bound... PLEASE call me.  I  WILL come to you & your ceremony will be Blessed at NO COST!!!

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"A baby is a bit of stardust blown from the hand of God!"