PBE Testimonials!

Couple & Family Testimonials...

A Giant "THANK YOU" To Our Blessed Event Families! Y'all have Blessed my life more than words can say... Life is SO busy for all of us. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to say a few words about Your Blessed Event... It's GREATLY APPRECIATED!

Kind Words From A Few Of My 2018 Happy Couples!



Reverend V~
I had looked on various websites & from the moment I started poking around Pgh Blessed Events website I knew I had found the right person to perform our ceremony.  I could tell you had the same up-beat fun personality that we had.  Why in the world would we want to choose anyone else?  We certainly made the right choice.  The ceremony was perfect & you personalized it to us to a "T."  If you want something special & not a "cookie cutter" wedding, you are most definitely the one to go with.  We could not express enough how special everything was & how caring you are to your couples.  You go above & beyond anything we could have ever expected.  You certainly made the day so much more special than we could have ever imagined.  For that, we thank you a million times over!
Nicole & Chuck Wyse ~ April 28, 2018



Thank you so much for being part of our special day! 
{Private & Personal Note...}
Thank you for everything!
Amy & Michael Dugan~May 5, 2018



Thank you!  The ceremony was beautiful!! 
Anjel & Travis Kerschner, Jr.~ May 6, 2018



Just wanted to email you to say thanks so much for everything! You did such a wonderful job for us, and everyone really enjoyed the ceremony. We really liked the ring blessing and the story you told about us. You made people laugh, but you were also serious. We wanted to tell you how much we truly appreciate your time and the fact that you did this for us for free due to Jake being in the Air Force. I also wanted to include the picture of us that the photographer look. We hope you like it. Thanks again! 
Rachel & Jake Danik~ June 2, 2018



Rev V,
Our meeting in the bookstore sealed the deal for John and I - that you had to be our officiant. You were calm and knowledgeable, with a keen eye for who we were as people, as a couple, and as parents. Your approach to discover our love story was a bit puzzling, but the magic you created that day will forever be the highlight of our wedding. You were absolutely hilarious during the ceremony, and your ease allowed our guest to feel our love, and John and I to calm the quiet nerves rumbling in our bellies. Our vows couldn't have been more perfect and personal. Your ability to capture who we are as man and wife is truly a gift. There are so many photos of us laughing so hard. You gave us and our guest a one-of-a-kind experience!
From the first moment of contact, you were a blessing! From the emails to check in, the visit at the bookstore, the pep talk (*smile*) in my dressing room, the follow up letters, and the birthday card for John you have been amazing.
We hope you continue to share your love and gift with the world. We can't thank you enough and we are so happy to be part of the PBE family!
The Johnson's
June 30, 2018




Reverend V~ 
Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for absolutely everything you did for us for our wedding.  But most of all, thank you for becoming our friend.  This has taken me FAR too long to write & send to you.  I have written & re-written thank you cards for you but was never quite satisfied with them.  My words can never express our gratitude for having met you.  Even before we "officially" met; you helped me in ways no one else could.  Your kindness & friendship will forever be cherished.  I was brought to tears by your thoughtful & what must have been time consuming gifts.  Hand-made gifts are my favorite.  Jason & I loved everything.  Thank you for being our Reverend, friend & joining us on our special day.  Everyone complimented how perfect our ceremony was & I could not have agreed more. 
With so much love...  Mr & Mrs Biller
Kate & Jason Biller~ July 28, 2018



Reverend V~
Thank you so much for everything!  { Personal Note} The ceremony was AMAZING!! 
Krysten & Aaron Huff~ September 1, 2018



Reverend V~
Thank you for everything. Our ceremony was AMAZING!  We really appreciate the keepsake you made us.  It was a very nice surprise!
Amy & David Methven~ October 5, 2018







Reverend V~
Thank you so much for helping our big day turn out even better than we could have hoped for.  The ceremony you wrote was a perfect mix of "us," our love & our 'happily ever after theme."  We appreciate you putting together such lovely keepsakes from our wedding day... 
Thank you for your thoughtfulness, generosity & keeping us sane during the planning process!  We appreciate you answering our questions & being readily available.  As we now know, weddings are VERY expensive & we thank you for providing a wonderful & affordable service!  Thanks Again!
Megan & Matt Chmura~ October 20, 2018



Hi Reverend V~
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for such a wonderful & beautiful ceremony that you wrote & performed for us in our home.
Everyone was talking about the beautiful words you had spoken.  We are going to have a God filled life together.  It was truly memorable.
We also received the gifts & keepsakes...  Thank You.
Blessings~ Mr & Mrs William Johnson  November 2, 2018

Kind Words From The Hearts Full Of Love In 2017...Thank You ALL For Blessing Me!


Rev V,

Thank you so much for everything you did for us!  We just got back from our honeymoon in Florida!  Thank you for all the wonderful gifts & the time you took to help make our wedding day so special!  We are so lucky to have someone like you!  Sakura loved her bone also!  Thank you again for everything!

~Michelle & Michael Susa  (10-15-2017)


LOVE You Guys! Funniest Couple Ever!

Rev V,

Thank you so much for the attentiveness and thoughtfulness you provided us both for our special day! You are awesome. God bless you.

~Gary & Melinda White II  (9-3-2017)

Gary & Melinda selfie

Gary the "Selfie King"

Checkin' Out His New Bride! 



Proud Gramma Eder & Handsome Groom Tyler!

Dear Reverend Zaborowski,

Just a note to thank you for performing the service for my grandson Tyler Eder.  You did such an amazing "job"---and we appreciate your service.  You were able to comfort him in his time of major obligation.  I am sorry I didn't get to talk to you other than a few quick exchange of words. Thanks again for a beautiful service and I am sure Tyler and Sarah and Kolton will have a blessed, peaceful life.

~Linda Eder  (8-13-2017)

Tyler & Sarah Eder (8-5-2017)


The Cutie-Pa-Tootie Kolton announcing Mom at the wedding!

Thank You Linda for sending the pic of this little man Kolton!  He is the most pleasant, lovable little guy!  How cute is he with his little sign from the ceremony?  Just wanna hug him up!




Congrats To John & His Beautiful New Wife Chrissy "Officially" Making The "Brady Bunch" Complete!

Reverend V,

Thank You for all your help for our wedding.  You went 100% above & beyond what I expected.  I would definitely recommend your services to other couples.  I don't think a couple could find a better person for the job.

~John & Chrissy Miller (7-30-2017)

Thank you for your service John (NAVY Vet)






TA-DA!!! Introducing The NEWLEYWEDS... Mr & Mrs Chad Krol!

Reverend V,

I don't think you charge enough for what you do...  I can not believe the effort you put into everything...we're just in awe of all you gave us.  Everyone just loved the ceremony and thought you were fantastic.  We can see you do this because you love it and not because you have to.  Thank you for being one of the reasons Saturday was beyond perfect!

~Chad & Shannon Krol (6-24-2017)




HELLO...Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Gourley!!

Reverend V,

THANK YOU SO MUCH!   You went above & beyond every expectation we could have dreamt of!  You are amazing and we will be proudly recommending you to everyone we know!

~Kelly & Brandon Gourley (5-27-2017)




Congratulations to Nikki & Jesse McIntryre!

One of the best decisions involving our wedding was choosing Rev V to be our officiant. She is a wonderful person to work with, she's so thoughtful and attentive to all your questions, needs, requests, etc. My husband and I wanted a very short, sweet and simple ceremony and she delivered just that! Something I love most about Rev V is she isn't judgmental of your beliefs/practices. My husband and I don't attend church regularly and don't actively practice a certain religion - Rev V didn't care! She just wanted to provide us with a loving, official marriage ceremony so we could be together. Another thing I love about her is she so open to using or trying anything in your ceremony and personalizing it for each couple. Our ceremony was so personal and touching, and that made it so much more meaningful to us. She was so helpful with any questions or concerns we had, and always responded in a timely manner. She always made herself available to meet with us if necessary. Rev V is hands down, the best choice as your officiant! 

~Nikki & Jesse McIntyre ( May 20, 2017)

4/22/2017 Had To Show Y'all This--How COOL! A Backyard "Casino" Themed Wedding Reception!!

CONGRATULATIONS!! Mr & Mrs Chris Spellings! No "Luck" Here, Just LOVE!!

Reverend V! 

We can not express how happy we are that you were available to do our wedding.  We had a simple back yard "Casino" themed wedding.  Your words were perfect.  You made the ceremony fit the event, not easy for our theme.   You spoke with each guest & made everyone feel welcome.  Basically, you rocked the house.  It was funny, fun & memorable but still appropriate for a sacred vow.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  We're proud to be called "PBE FAMILY!"


~Chris & Jennifer Spellings (4-22-2017)


3/3/2017 Mr & Mrs Mark Maszle!

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Mark Maszle!

...No words could express the happiness you brought to our hearts.  Thank you so very much lady!!

~Mark & Elaine Maszle ( March 3, 2017)


HELLO...Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Sims!!

Reverend V,

We wanted to thank you very much for bringing the two of us together in marriage. We also thank you for the gifts. We are very appreciative and Fay and I have been reading through the books you gave us over the past week and it is really motivating! I wanted to get reach you sooner but we have had quite a busy week!

~Josh & Fay Sims (1-20-2017)




CONGRATULATIONS! Presenting Mr & Mrs Richard Green!

Dear Reverend V, 

Just wanted to once again thank you for such a wonderful service you did for our wedding.  You were a great touch to our special day which you worked to make simple, short but very beautiful ceremony that was perfect for us.  It is truly a day we will never forget...


~Richard & Jhen Green (1-15-2017)


10/30/2016 Bird Watching Honeymoon In Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge, Missouri! Love is BETTER the 2nd Time Around!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Charles Kirdowski!

Reverend V,

Thank you for officiating at our wedding.  Your care, concern & humor made us feel like our wedding was your first priority.  That's unusual in this day & age.  You are professional, detailed & you have exceptional listening skills.  You are so good at your job you need very little time to produce an outstanding outcome true to your advertisement.  This was a second marriage for both of us & you were right; "it" IS better the second time around!  Good luck with your "hobby" & we'll see you soon!  Thanks for making us feel special & better than ever!


~Madeline & Charlie Kirdowski (10-30-2016)

10/22/2016 Presenting Mr & Mrs Jeffrey Schwilm!!

Congratulations Y'all!! I LOVE you guys!!!

Reverend V,

We can not Thank You enough.  You have no idea how very much we loved our wedding ceremony about us.  Jeffrey & I can't tell you what you mean to us.  You will be in our thoughts & prayers every day & we WILL keep in touch with you.  THANKS for making our wedding ceremony amazing & beautiful.

Love you,

~Jeffrey & Tamara Schwilm (October 22, 2016)

10/9/2016 Presenting the New Mr & Mrs TJ Anderson...All Love, Smiles & Goosebumps!!! (Literally!)

Thank you so much for everything! We loved loved loved what you wrote!  We are so lucky for have found you back in the summer! You are so much more than just our reverend for the wedding! We will always think of you as family! You're too sweet! Again, We're so lucky to have found you---someone who understands us so perfectly and could put it into beautiful words! We will definitely keep in touch! We can go for a beer in Pittsburgh sometime! Thank you again so so much!!                                                                              

~TJ and Michele Anderson(October 9, 2016)

10/8/2016 Mr & Mrs Eric Duckett Enjoying the Moment...A Beautiful Vintage Fall Wedding at an Awesome Overlook!

Reverend V, 

I wanted to email you saying thank you so so much for everything; being there for us.  It means so much! You helped make our day so so special. It was perfect, thank you.  

~Rachael & Eric Duckett (October 8, 2016)

When we decided that we were going to baptize our son, my husband and I weren’t exactly sure what we were going to do.  He was raised Catholic and I was raised Presbyterian, but neither one of us belongs to or attends Church now.  After finding Reverend V and PGH Blessed Events in my google searching, I knew Reverend V was just the person we were looking for.  Judge free, humorous, down to earth, and friendly as can be are just a few words that I can use to describe Reverend V.  She absolutely made our little guy’s baptism day perfect.  She went above and beyond what I had ever expected.  I am truly thankful that she was able to drive out to the country to baptize our son.   We highly recommend Reverend V and her services and are happy to be part of the “PBE Family.”

~Brandon, Andrea & Grant Coleman (9/18/16)

Somewhere On A Beach...LOL

9/4/2016 Congratulations Mr & Mrs Mark Pitullio!

Reverend V,

Thank you so much for doing our wedding free of charge.  You really walk the walk & talk the talk when it comes to your LOVE for the military!  I may not be one of your precious "Marines," LOL but us "grunts" of the Army Reserve love you more!  BOO-YAH!!  I don't see any Navy "Squids" taking you up on your offer.  What's up with that?  You were AWESOME!  You cracked us up!  You ARE just "one of the guys!"  Someone we'd sit & have a beer (or some of your "clear" ROFL) with any day of the week!  Caroline says hi.  She'll talk to you in two months or so.  She's busy throwing up.  You got a Christening coming your way Gramma V!  Love ya!

~Caroline & Mark Pitullio (9-4-2016)

9/10/2016 Mr & Mrs Daniel Diethorn!

Thanks Reverend!

Everything was wonderful about the wedding and honeymoon. Perfect weather and everything went smooth. Our family, Dan, and I all loved the vows you wrote for our wedding. They were adorable and we loved that they were personalized and not the standard boring stuff you typically hear at ceremonies. Again, thanks so much for providing us with such a beautiful ceremony and making our day so special.

  ~Christina & Daniel Diethorn (September 10, 2016)

Hi Reverend V!

Thank you so much for a beautiful ceremony. The words were perfect, felt so heartfelt, and we're very on point with describing our relationship! You even got us to shed some tears  ( I may have seen you shed a few as well... lol). The length was perfect too. Just long enough! It was everything we could have hoped for and more!!  THANK YOU again for your "ALL-STAR" services to us through our wedding journey!

We have highly.recomended you to family and friends and put your name out  on our Facebook, we hope we send some more couples your way soon!

We are so happy and grateful for your service to us.  Hope to hear from you soon.

Your friends
Dwayne, Katie, and Wyatt :)

~Katie & Dwayne Lewis (8/27/2016)


Hi Reverend V!  I just wanted to write & THANK YOU!  I was Matron of Honor last week at my best friend of 25 years wedding.  Thank you for EVERYTHING!  When she tried to call her officiator on Wednesday & his number was disconnected with no way to contact him she literally had a melt down.  I remembered seeing your car someplace & got on line to find you.  You met with us (Linda, John & I) on Thursday afternoon.  You were pleasant, considerate and made everyone feel at ease.  Honestly, when you said "I got this"  we felt confident that you did.  You called Linda on Friday night to check in on her & remind her to bring the license.  Saturday you showed up an hour early, checked in on us & greeted guests like you were part of the family & knew ALL of us forever.  I don't know how you did it but the ceremony was PERFECT!  You had their relationship down to the tee, had names of friends & family included that have been part of their story.  You even got choked up at one point like it mattered to you too!  Tears, laughter & left EVERYONE smiling.  I just wanted to let you know every one LOVED the ceremony & to tell you there were several people who said "I didn't know you had a Reverend in the family."  Wow-how much better could you get?  And yes.  Now we DO have a Reverend in the family! YOU!! Your super hero power is saving the day!  WE LOVE YOU!  

~Muffin Kozloski; Harrison Wedding (8/20/16)


Hi Reverend V!

We were at a wedding you officiated in Mingo Park in June.  We don't do the "church thing,"  but after being there & meeting you---  You were great!  You didn't know any of us & fit right in!  I don't know how you did it but Mark finally ask me to marry him!  We've been together 10 years & he never was interested.  We took a car ride, ended up here.  He had the guy paint on the horse "Let's Get Hitched!"  THAT'S WHAT YOU SAID at the wedding!  LOL  His only condition was that YOU do the ceremony.  I can't wait!  Talk to you soon & THANK YOU!

~Mary Hester...The Soon To Be Mrs Mark Sorbino (8-14-2016)


Hello Pgh Blessed Events & Reverend V.

You probably won't remember me but I wanted to contact you anyway.  A couple weeks ago I was out for a walk with daughter on Mt Washington.  You were at the overlook to preside over a wedding.  I wanted to thank you for being so kind.  My 6 year old daughter is disabled, can not walk & has the cognitive ability of an infant.  With all those people around, you still took a minute to say hi & acknowledge my daughter.  We weren't part of the wedding.  We were strangers passing by.  Still.  You took a minute to say hi.  You have NO idea what that meant to me.  So many people see us, look away or pretend we don't exist.  It hurts to be invisible.  Thank you for seeing us.  I just wanted to let you know how much a random act of kindness effects someone who never expected it.  Bless you.

If you're considering Reverend V don't hesitate.  The ceremony was beautiful.  So personal. Even people who gathered to watch felt they were part of it.  If she takes the time to be kind to a stranger you can imagine what she would do for your ceremony!

~Marsha & Tabitha Weber (8-4-2016)


When our original wedding officiant had to back out on us two weeks before our wedding, we just really weren't to sure what to do.  After talking to my sister in law, she recommended getting in touch with Reverend V, and I am so thankful we did. Not only was she available on such short notice, but she was excited and willing to help us make our day super special.   She met us about a week before the wedding to go over our wedding preferences and get to know us a little bit, and in that short amount of time she was able to write very personal vows that were true to our relationship!  It was so personal and so perfect.  I couldn't have asked for a more special ceremony, that was short and sweet (as my husband requested) and still very meaningful.  Reverend V was there for us to make sure our day was as awesome as we had hoped. I couldn't have asked for anything better!  Thank you so much for caring!  

~Justin & Heather Snodgrass (7/29/16)

   The best choice we made other than getting married was to chose Rev V to be apart of our special day. She made us feel so comfortable. She was so great with our four kids through out the process. We definitely would recommend PGH Blessed Events to anyone who is looking to get married. We got nothing but compliments on our ceremony which was held in the South Park gazebo. You made our special day perfect!

~Tim & Renee Ivak (7/16/2016)


"The best choice I made about my wedding day besides marrying my husband was choosing Reverend V for my ceremony! Every step of the way she will make you feel one of a kind and to this day we keep in touch. She makes every single ceremony special to the couple and never repeats. I wanted romantic yet funny for our ceremony and she blew us away. Rev V brought laughter, joy, tears and remembrance for why we fell in love with each other to the ceremony. It was all about us and our family! She will always be apart of our family now as she made our day beyond words." 

~Kenny & Katie (5/21/2016)

Hi Reverend V-

We just wanted to thank you for marrying us on such short notice.  You were so kind.  Matthew got his orders for deployment so fast we didn't have time to think, you just rolled with it!  You were so funny!  If a judge is anything like a Reverend, we know now that if you wake them up early enough they have PJ's under their robe!  Thank you again.  We'll send a REAL pic when he gets back home, we just didn't think.  Sorry.  Besides-there will be 3 in the pic! We love ya Rev!  Glad to be a Blessed Event Family!

~Matthew & Jill Tally  (5/5/2016)